Hennops Off Road with Land Rover

Philip Coetzee & Darren Pearson organised an off-road outing with a couple of 4×4 fanatics for our children. We were really touched that they were willing to give up their special day with their families to spoil our children.

Hennops Off – Road Trail covered all the vehicles entrance fees. George & Hubert (owners from Hennops Off – Road Trail) said we should use the entrance fee to buy the kids a meal. Land Rover sponsored every child a T-shirt & a ball. One of our boys was so impressed with his Land Rover t-shirt; he refused to take it off. Eventually he agreed that we could wash it every second day. E

veryone got special attention and the children didn’t stop talking about the outing for days. A few of our boys asked if we could move our home next to the off-road trail so that they could go off-roading every day.

Helicopter Ride

Flying in a helicopter is a dream for most people, but for the children of St Laurence that dream came true when Jack Coetzee and his team from Henley Air arranged a wonderful day in the Johannesburg sky.

We went to the hangar where the helicopters are kept and the children’s excitement was electric. We had a very adventurous pilot which guaranteed adrenalin rush for all.

The end to a perfect day was ensured with as much pizza as you could eat. Thanks for an awesome day that the children won’t soon forget.

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